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And nearly kills a woman

This is a terrifying, yet true story. It happened along Interstate 17 in Anthem AZ.

A shovel pierced through the windshield of Cheryl Miernicki’s Dodge Durango as she was heading home from an appointment.

“I feel very blessed. I feel like I really dodged a bullet,” said Mielnicki. “You know, by the hand of God, I managed to get into the shoulder of the road and I didn’t hit anybody.”

A shovel came flying at her vehicle like a bullet and went through her windshield.

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“It was coming straight almost like an arrow right to my face in the windshield, “added Mielnicki.
According to the ABC15 report the Durango looks like it has aged well. However, we would bet that the windshield installed was non-OEM manufactured glass. In fact, we have tried to warn Arizona about non-OEM Chinese made auto glass.


And then you do not have to worry about a shovel piercing through your windshield.

Safety standards have evolved over time since the invention of the Automobile. Having smart governmental controls and protocols in place keep drivers safe. It keeps manufacturers honest and ethical.

Through the years manufacturers have produced auto glass using various methods. When an ancient method of producing something is replaced with a new technology – the older technology is eventually phased out – because the older technology can become dangerous or is no longer useful.

Many of auto glass shops in Mesa use sales gimmicks to get drivers to purchase non-OEM auto glass or they do not use OEM auto glass whatsoever.

Quality Auto Glass, LLC. always recommends Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass that is manufactured in America with premium material. OEM auto glass is a little more expensive, but it will do a better job of keeping you, your friends and family safe while driving.

Help End Chinese Made Windshields with Quality Glass Service, LLC.

Majority of Arizona vehicles have made in china windshields. These windshields are cheap, weak and fragile. Help us make high-quality made in America, Canada or Mexico windshields that will protect you, your family and friends while you drive.