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Do you see a camera that is connected to your vehicle’s windshield?

The front-facing camera is part of the cars advanced safety systems, sometimes called Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems (ADAS). These systems are designed to help you and your car stay safer on the road.

Advanced Safety Systems ADS

When there is an accident, damage or breakdown occurs and you need to replace the windshield, almost every car manufacturer requires the cameras attached to the windshield to be recalibrated.

To ensure the cameras and your enhanced safety systems are working correctly, Quality Glass Service, LLC. can perform both the windshield replacement and the auto glass recalibration of the Advanced Safety Systems in a single appointment. Call: 602-349-7267 or schedule online to get a new windshield with Opti-Aim calibration.

More cars are equipped with advanced safety systems, and almost every one of these car brands requires safety system recalibration following a windshield replacement. Quality Glass Service, LLC. technicians are experienced in the recalibration process, and they can help make sure that your car continues to keep you safer on the road.

Opti-Aim Certified Technicians

Whether you have a new Tesla, or smart car, we can calibrate your ADAS sensors and lasers.
Call 602-349-7267 and get a free estimate.

Examples of ADAS

These DAS or driver assistance systems of your vehicle keeps drivers safer with an array of features that form a safety net that circles the car, helping reduce collision risks.

Forward-facing front cameras allow for enhanced safety features that assist and alert drivers while they are driving. ADAS camera systems are designed to work in conjunction to increase a vehicles safety, warning a driver of potential problems and avoiding a collision:

ADAS Systems Do the Following:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Assist
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Collision Mitigation
  • More to come as technology advances
  • If a rear windshield replacement or front windshield replacement is needed, Quality Glass Service, LLC. will replace the windshield and recalibrate the forward-facing front-facing camera, as well as any other cameras your vehicle has. When a windshield is replaced, any ADAS equipment, like cameras and sensors, is removed and reattached. Call: 602-349-7267 to get a free estimate

    Why Get Recalibrated?

    A camera angle change of only a single degree can dramatically impact the viewing area of the camera, and this may impact the way ADAS features will function on a car. The calibration process adjusts and tests all the cameras and sensors in your windshield to make sure that they are still working correctly after you change them. Without the calibration, your vehicles ADA features might not function correctly, and that could cause a crash.

    Although it sounds straightforward, calibration is a complicated process requiring specialized equipment and training. The technicians at Auto One are experienced in ADA calibration using a special tool called the Opti-Aim(tm). Once connected to your car, Opti-Aim(tm) begins the process of aligning your camera, and then works with your cars computer to optimize camera alignment and bring it back up to manufacturers specifications.

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