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Front Windshield Replacement

We Have the Glass You Need or Want! From Gorilla Glass to infrared coated, bulletproof, encapsulated and impact-resistant materials all you have to do is call or text us at 602-349-7267 to get a free estimate.

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Your Windshield is the First Line of Defense

It is against the law to not have a windshield (go figure! read it for yourself AZ statute 28-957.01). Your windshield keeps you safe from projectiles flying at you and piercing the vehicle.

The front windshield is a laminated piece of glass. In the event of a collision the windshield does not shatter because of the protective thin layer of plastic sandwiched in between two sheets of glass. The lamination must have strong glass surrounding it, otherwise there is little to no point of having it. Hence, shattered windshields which can be more dangerous than if it were to break into small pieces like tempered glass.

In recent years, advancements in technology have led to the development of Gorilla Glass, bulletproof windshields, encapsulated glass, and impact-resistant materials that enhance the safety and durability of vehicles. Yes, Quality Glass Service, LLC. can get you this type of glass.

Call or text us at 602-349-7267 to get a free estimate on your new windshield installation.

Chipped Windshields Can Be Fixed

Arizona is a desert and so rocks are constantly flying at your windshield. A chipped windshield can be fixed! You do not have to replace it. If you are being told you need a new windshield installation and you see a dime, penny or quarter sized chip in your glass, get a second opinion. Many times auto glass insurance fraudsters take advantage of customers ignorance when it comes to this. Don’t fall victim to the scam. If you do not get it fixed now a chipped windshield can turn into a spider burst, cracked, or combination break. Unfortunately, once the chip expands out it is harder to repair the damage.

Common types of windshield damage include a shattered starburst, bullseye, spider crack, and various other types of cracks and chips with groovy names technicians like to “coin”. In fact, I’m coining the “coin chipped glass” and it refers to how big the chip is (please see above paragraph to understand joke).

Let’s see if we can fix your windshield and call or text us a picture of the damage at 602-349-7267.

The Government Protects People From Bad Windshields

Did you know that the first vehicles off Ford’s assembly line had windshields that did more harm than good? They were thin pieces of glass that shattered if you “flicked it” with your finger. If you are interested in quirky history like that check out our “History of Auto Glass” page that has a timeline of advancements over the years.

In the United States, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have regulations in place regarding the safety of vehicle windshields. These regulations require that windshields be made of approved materials and be free of any defects that could impair visibility. Unfortunately, there is cheap glass out there that is being sold; but it is as good as junk – they barely follow FMSCA & DOT regulations. That is why we only use windshield manufacturers such as the NSG Group and Pilkington Glass which are known for producing high-quality windshields that meet or exceed these standards.

Get a windshield installation that actually meets and exceeds government regulation and call or text us at 602-349-7267

Windshield Replacement

Junk Windshield Glass & Cheap Installations Cause Money Problems & Stress

Awesome Windshield Technology to Ask About

Gorilla Glass – This special glass is a type of glass that is known for its exceptional strength and durability. Gorilla Glass is commonly used in electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets due to its scratch-resistant and impact-resistant properties. In recent years, Gorilla Glass has also been used in automotive applications, including windshields, to enhance the safety and durability of Jeep, Porsche, Ford, and McLaren vehicles.

Bullet Proof Windshields – Because of advancements in technology this windshield is more affordable than you may think (okay, it’s still a little pricey for the average Arizonan. If things get postapocalyptic the government may mandate all vehicles need one and that means we get a pay raise!). These windshields are made from a combination of laminated glass and polycarbonate materials that provide enhanced protection against bullets and other projectiles. Bulletproof windshields are commonly used in high-security vehicles such as armored cars and military vehicles to protect occupants from potential threats.

Impact-Resistant and Encapsulated Glass – These windshields are designed to withstand high-velocity impacts without shattering. Stronger than laminated windshields but not as strong as bullet proof. These windshields are made from specially engineered glass that is treated with a layer of plastic material to improve strength and durability. Impact-resistant windshields are commonly used in vehicles that are exposed to high-risk environments such as construction sites and off-road driving.

IR Coated Windshield’s and Auto Glass – Think of sunscreen for your car (only it never comes off). It’s a thin layer of metal oxides coated on the top layer of laminated auto glass. This chemical coat includes Tin (IV) Oxide and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), providing superior heat rejection and electrical conductivity, acting as a defensive barrier against harmful UV rays and radiant heat. not only reduces the need for excessive air conditioning but also helps lower engine wear and tear, reducing your carbon footprint and making it a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious automotive industry.

We have the windshield you are looking for! Call or text us at 602-349-7267 for a free estimate.