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Gorilla Glass Windshield Installation

Get exclusive Gorilla Glass for your dashboard, console, windshield, rear and side windows, sunroofs or heads-up display. This is the best light weight impact-resistant material you can get! Call or text us at 602-349-7267 to get a free estimate.

Auto Glass
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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Apple’s Steve Jobs reached out to Corning Gorilla Glass and asked them to develop tough glass for the smartphone. Now, it is a major player in the automotive industry. This innovative glass was born in a laboratory in upstate New York. Corning’s team of top scientists dedicated countless hours to understanding how glass breaks when dropped, conducting extensive tests to improve its strength and durability against rough surfaces.

The process of creating Gorilla Glass for windshields and auto glass begins with Corning’s proprietary fusion-draw manufacturing process. This highly precise and automated process produces a thin sheet of cover glass with exceptional surface quality, optical clarity, and dimensional stability. This glass is so thin that it is measured in microns, untouched by human hands to prevent any flaws in the surface.

Read enough and convinced you need Gorilla Glass for your vehicle? Call or text us at 602-349-7267 to get a free estimate on your new Gorilla Glass windshield installation.

Auto Glass Get’s Strong & Nerdy

Gorilla Glass windshields, rear and side windows, sunroofs, heads up displays and consoles go through a process that involves cutting individual glass parts from the “mother sheet” and subjecting them to an ion-exchange process. Large ions are inserted into the glass surface, creating a state of compression that enhances the glass’s resistance to damage. The glass is then placed in a bath of molten salt, where smaller sodium ions leave the glass and larger potassium ions from the salt bath replace them. These potassium ions diffuse deep into the glass surface, creating high compressive stress that makes the glass more resistant to damage.

AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass – Get ready for more glass in your car’s interior. This offers an authentic and sleek touch-feel to enhance your overall user experience. However, it’s not just about aesthetics and responsiveness – this glass is used in automotive interiors so it must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

ColdForm™ Corning Gorilla Glass Technology – This glass can be easily bent into shape at room temperature, opening up a world of possibilities for automakers and consumers alike. By allowing automakers to apply decorative features and coatings onto flat glass before shaping it. This means that automakers can now create stunning, customized interiors for the next generation of smart vehicle drivers.

Corning® Curved Mirror Solutions – Head-Up Display (HUD) systems have become a crucial component for drivers. These innovative systems utilize projectors and mirrors to project essential driving information directly onto the windshield, allowing for a safer and more convenient driving experience. This is where Corning® Curved Mirror Solutions come into play. These solutions offer the most sophisticated reflection capabilities for in-vehicle augmented reality, setting a new standard for HUD technology.

HIT Test – A 15-pound headform made of aluminum is dropped or swung from a height of over seven feet onto a vehicle’s center stack display at 15 miles per hour. While ordinary glass may not survive this impact, specially formulated AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass is tough enough to withstand the force and pass the test, even if the display underneath breaks.

Told you, it’s a lot of strong nerds in the room – and their powers combined make Gorilla Glass! Call or text us 602-349-7267 and we will get you a new Gorilla Glass installation you can be proud of.

Here is a list of some vehicles we can install Gorilla Auto Glass on: Mercedes Benz AG EQS (MBUX Hyperscreen) – McLaren 720S – Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator (Mopar Windshields) – Hyundai Mobis – Lynk & Company 02 and 05 Vehicles – Changan UNI-K SUV – GAC (Guangzhou Auto Company) Aion SUV – Coldform Technology – Ford GT Supercar and Heavy Duty Trucks – Porsche 911 GT2 and GT3 RS Sportscars

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